Evolving, Adaptive Technology

Cloudia Assistant started back in 2005 as a system called IDA. It was created by an insurance company to help insurance agents and agencies become more productive and efficient.

In 2013, IDA was thrust into the cyber cloud and became Cloudia Assistant. In August of that same year, Cloudia was sold, and the new owners saw the potential of this alluring product for not only the insurance industry but for many vertical markets.

Before Cloudia, most agents would sell a customer then never talk with them again; others would restrict the number of customers they could handle so as not to limit their customer care. The new management realized that Cloudia had the potential to help agents expand their customer bases and maintain a consistent touch-point strategy with existing customers.

Cloudia was designed to give salespeople more time to sell instead of tracking leads, writing emails, calendaring appointments and performing a variety of other tasks. It meant less time could be spent on "house keeping duties," and more time could be devoted to doing business and increasing profits.

Today, Cloudia customers benefit from consistent upgrades and special offers as Cloudia Assistant continues to grow and expand throughout the world. Take advantage of our services by contacting a sales agent today! You'll experience the difference with Cloudia Assistant.