Committed to Your Success

Originally developed by
an insurance company,
Cloudia Assistant was
designed to solve rele-
vant problems and in-
crease productivity for
insurance sales people
and their organizations.
At Cloudia, we are
very passionate about
productivity and ease
of use. Therefore,
we are focused on
remaining the very
best CRM for the
insurance industry.
Our team believes in
quality of life in and out
of the workplace -that's
the philosophy behind
our CRM. We think a
truly great CRM should
free up time and simplify
your life each day.
  • Intuitive design for ease of learning and use
  • At-your-finger-tips marketing tools for fast, effective campaigns
  • Increased productivity by minimal manual data entry
  • Automated lead importing
  • Integrated telephone dialer with advanced power features
  • Guaranteed the world's most affordable professional CRM for insurance people.

Sharing Our Technology

We believe in freely exchanging ideas, and that means sharing our technology with you. Please take advantage of our services by contacting one of our knowledgeable agents today!


Relevant Features

"Our company's last CRM was so confusing. Most of the features had nothing to do with the insurance industry. I felt like we were paying for things we didn't really need. And, it was frustrating sorting through useless features. Cloudia is a breath of fresh air."

Great People

"The people at Cloudia are terrific. They understand our needs and ended up cutting our CRM budget in half. Saving money is important to any company, and Cloudia certainly delivered on that count."

The Difference

"We were reluctant to try Cloudia after our last CRM, which ended up being so time consuming that our insurance sales people simply quit using it. Within the first month or two of using Cloudia, we started to see the difference, especially when we printed out reports detailing sales progress."

Efficient Cloud Technology

"It is also very intuitive, which means user-friendly. And since it uses cloud technology, it doesn't hog up valuable disk space on my laptop."