The Ultimate E-Mail Advantage

There's a big market for your insurance products. Cloudia Assistant's e-mail module can help you easily reach every potential prospect by maintaining a consistent, ongoing e-mail touch-point strategy.

E-mail Features

Automated E-mails

According to our users, hands-down, this is the greatest feature of Cloudia Assistant. Automated E-mails allow Cloudia Assistant to send out e-mails on your behalf with no interaction from you. And they're not generic e-mails that we created, but e-mails that you write and set-up yourself.

Imagine you are out on an appointment when a new email lead arrives in your email account. Cloudia Assistant sees the new lead, downloads and imports it, then sends out an e-mail that you set up. The prospect gets the e-mail within a couple minutes and e-mails you back asking for an appointment. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, Cloudia Assistant is working to help earn you new customers 24/7.

Personalized E-mails

Don't like the idea of sending an e-mail titled, "To whom it may concern?" Using Cloudia Assistant's personalized fields, you can take regular generic emails and personalize them with variables, such as: first name, last name, and city, for example.

Email Templates

E-mail Templates allow you to take those generic e-mails scattered all over your computer and place them in one easy to use location that can be easily personalized and used throughout Cloudia Assistant. No longer will you need to go through the process of search, copy, paste, and personalize. With E-mail Templates, you write it once and use it again and again.

Mass E-mails

Have a folder of customers you want to send a quick e-mail to? Don't want to go through the effort of e-mailing each one separately? With Cloudia Assistant, you can send customer-personalized messages to thousands of contacts.

Works with most E-mail Servers

If your e-mail provider allows you to get your e-mails via POP3 or IMAP, then Cloudia Assistant will work for you. We've tested with GMail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, MSN, and others.