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Did you know that Cloudia Assistant has a higher User-Intuitive rating than any other CRM?
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Each agent has developed his or her personal organizational system. Cloudia doesn't force its organizational methods on you; rather, it adapts to your preferences.

You can set up your own folders for sorting leads the way you feel is best. Having folders for leads based on what works best for you, and moving leads is as simple as clicking and dragging.

Organizing Features:

Appointments Calendar

Cloudia assistant comes with a calendar that is extremely easy to use. Cloudia assistant also has appointment reminders, appointment recurrence and appointment color labels, so you can see, at a glance, which appointments are personal versus ones requiring travel, or in-office meetings. You can make these labels conform to any system you want, including sales stage, territory, product presentation and levels of importance.

Toss Those 3x5 Cards

with Cloudia assistant's searching powers, finding a customer is just a couple of clicks away. If you have 50 leads using 3x5 cards, you might be able to sort through them quickly if someone calls you back. But, what if you had hundreds, or thousands of leads? Carrying them around would be cumbersome and inconvenient. with Cloudia assistant, you can quickly find the leads you're looking for.

Communication History

No more random little notes on pieces of paper. Cloudia assistant gives you the power to track your customer phone calls and meetings. Entering important information into Cloudia, allows you to later review the details associated with a particular call or meeting.