End Wasteful Message Leaving & Phone Tag

Marketing Tip
Did you know that, in 1997 a Pew Research study showed that 90% of calls made reached an actual person. In 2014 that same study said, using conventional manual dialing, only 62% of the calls you make reach an actual person.

Cloudia Assistant's Integrated Phone & Power Dialer will dial through huge lists of contacts. When a connection is made with a real person, you are immediately connected. With Cloudia, calling is performed with high efficiency, and you start building relationships on the first call.

Integrated Phone & Power Dialer Features:

Hands Free Communication

It's the only way to go! Keeping your hands free, and letting Cloudia do all the work makes your day go smoother. Our comfortable, effortlessly access and input online data, database information and seamlessly update call histories.

Power Dialing

This is where the rubber meets the road. Cloudia Assistant’s power dialer is a breeze to set up and use. Importing, sorting and prioritizing call lists in folders becomes effortless, and reaching value contacts on the first call saves you money and earns new clients. Integration with a SoftPhone business lines and software create hands free convenience and give you the agility to effortlessly

Call Recording

Call centers and large agencies may be required to or simply desire to record calls for training purposes. Cloudia Assist offers you the ability to record calls and keep those calls with your other correspondence making it easy to retrieve when needed.

No Office Phone Needed

It's one less thing to deal with. Cloudia Assistant's Integrated phone and dialer saves you money and hassle. Now you can accomplish all your telephone communications with one state of the art device that eliminates the need for a redundant office phone.