Relevant Information is Power

Cloudia Assistant's tracking and reporting ensures your information flow is up to date and relevant, and the facts you act upon will maximize your sales. Tracking and reporting is all about making your time as efficient, productive and profitable as possible.

Tracking & Reporting Features:

Expense Tracking

Need to track the cost of each customer? Cloudia Assistant gives you the power to track mileage and other expenses so you can accurately determine ROI and help with your taxes.


What good is a lead provider if you never get a good lead? Using Cloudia Assistant's easy to use custom reports you can easily determine which sources are producing and which are worth dropping. Here, you can get real comparisons, such as: your total sales from a source, average sale amount per sold lead, number of sold leads and many other custom reports.

Conversation Tracking

Cloudia Assistant makes it easy for you to document your conversations and your emails. When you receive an email, Cloudia Assistant will compare the email address with your contacts. Cloudia Assistant will automatically add that email to your communication history. You can then reply directly from Cloudia Assistant.